MAS Wrestling: What is it?

“Extreme Tug-of-War” is how we like to explain this extremely old sport to people who have never heard of it. From Russia to the Scottish Highlands, this sport has been a test of full body strength between two competitors. There’s no grappling, no balls in your face, no skin-tight outfits and definitely not to be mistaken for something you would find on WWE.


Each opponent has their feet on the board in front of them while holding a stick shared with the other. Using various techniques, speed, and of course explosive strength, each opponent aims to snatch the stick. Seems simple, right?

Here’s Jon and I doing a playful match, though I look like I would happily rip his hands off his arms.

Generally in competitions there are varying weight classes similar to Strongman for both men and women’s divisions. You can find more information at MAS Wrestling USA if you are interested in joining Team USA.